About Us.



In 1974 a group of dealers organized a professional trade organization call the Independent Auto Dealers Association of Utah. The purpose of the organization was to represent the common interests of dealers with different levels of government. After one year the association affiliated with the National Independent Auto Dealers Association who represented them in Washington DC. 

In the early 70’s before MVED was formed, there were a lot of tax issues and discussions with counties concerning the taxation of dealer inventory. The Association was successful in helping all dealers in each county. The 70’s also began the Motor Vehicle Administration whose name was later changed to the Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division. Today the Association continues to work with and have a great relationship with MVED on dealer issues and the Motor Vehicle Advisory Board.

Over the years the Association has worked on keeping regulation to a minimum and reasonable to comply. Many will remember major changes in the industry like new odometer disclosure, FTC Buyer’s Guide, multiple attempts to raise the bond, finance regulations, advertising, safety and emissions just to name a few. It would not be the same industry if the association were not at the table fighting for dealers.

Now called Used Car Dealers of Utah, it continues to represent every dealer in Utah. Our main focus is on the Utah State Legislature and the laws that effect dealers across the state while the National Independent Auto Dealers Association continues to cover federal issues. Each year the list seems to grow larger but due to efforts of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director, we are able to keep regulations manageable and to a minimum.

Now, 40 years later, the Association continues to offer many benefits to members. Dealers can save time and money as a member and get the best available business solutions that were never before offered. Since the beginning, the Association has been there to serve the needs of the dealers in Utah and will continue to make our voice heard.

Remember, It costs to join, but it pays to belong.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Used Car Dealers of Utah is to raise the level of professionalism and customer satisfaction throughout the Used Car Industry in the state, promote the used car industry throughout the state, and ensure the interests of the used car dealer in Utah are represented on the Capitol Hill.

Organizational Principles:

The Used Car Dealers of Utah has governing principles or values that govern the Association. These governing principles are listed below. All decisions the Association makes are based around these governing principles.

Organizational Excellence:

Used Car Dealers of Utah maintains a policy of organizational excellence. This includes governance, transparency, leadership recruitment and retention, and internal communication.


Used Car Dealers of Utah is an advocate for local used car dealers. It also promotes the business through legislative representation.

Member Support:

Used Car Dealers of Utah is committed to being a support to its members by assisting in being a resource for education, information, and providing the benefits its membership desire.


Used Car Dealers of Utah will promote the used car industry by assisting the public in understanding the benefits of buying from a Used Car Dealer.