We can tell you why to join, but you would rather hear from other dealers. Listen to what they have to say about why they joined the UCDU.

Why Join the UCDU?


“While making a change in my business name, the MVED told me I would have to surrender my license and dealer plates and wait for a new license to be issued taking about three weeks. Since I could not be out of business for three weeks, I called the Used Car Dealers Association. As a member, the team at the Association got me to the right person who made it possible to keep my current license while I made my transition.  

Then while looking for insurance for my business, I called the Association to see if they had someone who knew dealer insurance and could save me some money. They gave me their contact person and not only did it save me money and increased my coverage but the Association discount more than saved me my membership dues.

As I have become more involved in the Association, I have been challenged to know who my legislators are and who represents me. By attending neighborhood political meetings, I’ve developed relationships with our legislators, enabling me to inform them regarding important policy decision that affect the used car industry. This relationship has helped our legislative team on Capitol Hill to be more successful in improving our industry. 

Every time I have a challenge with a title or a DMV issue, the Association has found the right answer for me. No longer am I frustrated after receiving conflicting answers from different government employees and having to guess who is correct. The Association has the right contacts to get the right information for the solution to my problem.

The value of being connected in our industry is well worth the investment of being a member of the Used Car Dealers Association. My association dues are well invested. Consider investing in your future too and sign up today.” 

— Tane Wanlass, Rivers Auto Solutions


“I have been a dealer for over 25 years but just recently decided I had enough of the unfair fees we as BHPH dealer's and lien holder's were getting charged when one of our vehicles got impounded. 

I reached out to UCDU, who in turn contacted Rep. Steve Handy of Layton, to see if there was a solution. UCDU crafted a bill that put the burden of the impact fees back on the offender. We, as dealers and lien holders, no longer have to pay the $350 DUI impact fee or any other fees associated when a vehicle we own or have a lien interest in is impounded. Without our Association this would have never happened. That alone is reason to join the Association, not to mention the valuable resources they provide 365 days a year. So please don't let every one else pay your way. Step up and join, so that we can stay united in voice on Utah’s Capitol Hill.”

— sam Russell, Automatic car credit